The Bounty Hunter vs. One for the Money

So as I mentioned during my romantic comedy top ten Tuesday, i am a big fan of the genre, on my PVR right now I have two very similar movies Bounty Hunter (2010) & One for the money (2012) so I decided I’d do my first which is better wednesday on those two since I just watched them back to back while having a lazy couch day.

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5 Show/Movie Deserving Comic Characters

I’m quite behind on 5FF so today I posting all the ones I have missed, this is the June 5th prompt “5 comic book characters you would like to see have their own show/movie”. I found this one pretty difficult as most of my favourites either do currently or have had movies or TV shows (Batman, Flash, Wolverine, Ironman etc) however I was able to come up with 5 and here they are.

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Top 10 Action movies

Today I am continuing my series on top 10 movies and focusing on actions movies, more specifically action movie franchises (trilogies +). In my previous 2 weeks I focused on female or romanced focused movies the majority of which have come out in the last 20 years, the action movies however will be focused more on films released in the 80s and 90s even though some new ones will also be included. what will be excluded: Comic book movies & solo action movies (they will have their own ranking in the future)

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Top 10 chick flicks

Similar to last week’s Top 10 Tuesday this week’s top 10 movie list will be my top 10 favourite “chick flicks”. Now to define chick flicks, they are basically movies that appeal mainly to women.They are not always “romantic” movies but a large majority are, and even those that aren’t still have a love interest most of the time. My way of distinguishing between “chick flicks” and romantic comedies (which was last week’s post) was to determine if my husband would willingly watch it with me (without trying to suck up). So here there are my top 10 favourite chick flicks.

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