Top 10 dramas

For this week’s top 10 I’m continuing the tv theme from last week and now moving on to my favourite tv dramas. I noticed while making this list that a lot of my favourite dramas were what could be classified as “teen dramas” so because of that this top 10 will be my top ten teen dramas ( supernatural dramas will be excluded) as they each have their own posts.
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Top 10 Supernatural Themed TV Shows

Like I previously mentioned when I did my movie posts I think a person’s PVR is similar to a diary, it says a lot about someone. Along with the insane amount of movies, my PVR is set to record a lot of shows, not to mention my love for Netflix & Shomi, Of these shows they usually fall into one of four categories (genres). Over the next four weeks I will be ranking my top ten from each genre (both ongoing and past shows). The first post will be on my top 10 favourite supernatural shows.

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