Disney Princess Diversity pt.3–Personality

Here it is week three of my Disney Princess Diversity Series. The first two weeks were about visible differences and nationalities this week I thought i’d do something on the different personalities of the princesses since I love how they are so different.

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Princess Diversity Pt. 2– Nationalities

So last Sunday I made a post about the different “races” of disney princesses, From Caucasian to African American, to Middle Eastern to Latina. This weeks post is about the continuous diversity among Disney movies from the beginning & that is the different nationalities of the princesses.

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Emma Watson Cast as Belle in Beauty & The Beast

Okay so I know it is Monday, but this week I didn’t do a Disney post on Sunday and when I saw the news about Emma Watson being cast as Belle I thought: “Hey that’s a perfect Disney post” so here it is, my thoughts on the latest Disney casting news.

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