Featured Geeky Girl Blog–schtickandsubstance

I am the girl who grew into myself. Now that I have hit my early thirties, I feel more self-assured and do not take things so seriously. I tend to cook cupcakes while watching Archer on Netflix, hula hoop while reading on my tablet, and cleaning day is my girl power movie and wine day as well. Multi-tasking is my favorite way to get that perfect balance and make anything at least kind of fun.

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Geeky girl blogger of the week–Nav (girloncomicbookworld)

My name is Nav, I’m 18 from Sydney Australia. Currently a student and love everything comic book related. I’m also a bit of a philosophy freak and love movies, but nothing tops my love for superheroes!

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Featured Geeky Girl Blog–The Nerdy Girlie

Hi! My name is Megan but you might know me better as The Nerdy Girlie. I am a blogger, photographer and social media junkie. I love the friendships I have made since starting my blog. I could have never imagined it when I began. They are the best part about blogging. When I’m not blogging, I am lost in music. Whether practicing guitar or ballet­ing around my living room music is always apart of my everyday. Have you listened to A Silent Film yet?! Guilty pleasure: One Direction.

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Geeky Girl Blog of the Month

Starting this month I have decided to choose a blog as the “Geeky Girl Blog” of the month. I have already chose this month’s blog & will be getting in contact with the author this week about setting up an interview to post on here on November 30th. Each month there will be a featurette on the chosen blog which will include a quick bio and interview with the creator of the blog I choose. Please leave suggestions in the comments for blogs to check out in December. Some months there will be multiple featured blogs so keep checking back

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