New to LOTR franchise

So my mother in law is OBSESSED with the lord of the rings, my husband has seen all of the movies (since as I just said his mom is obsessed) and since the third hobbit movie just came out he has been at me for weeks now to get caught up so I can watch it with him. So I am currently watching the first hobbit movie. I have decided to do up a bit of a post for those who are, like me, just getting into it, a little bit of a who’s who of sorts.

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Marvel Comics–Who owns the rights to what?

As a follow up from today’s “Marvel Monday” I decided to explain the movie rights to Marvel characters and which studio owns what. First for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, those who are thinking “they are all Marvel characters doesn’t Marvel have all the rights” I will explain how Marvel first lost their film rights.

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