Captain Marvel: Who is she?

captain marvel

I had planned to do a post today on whether or not the MCU needed another solo Hulk movie but something came up and I had to put that one on hold. Why did I have to put in on hold? Saturday night I was just sitting on my laptop going through facebook when I saw a post about fan theories easter eggs of Captain Marvel in MCU’s previous movies. I never read the article but what I did see was the comments, such comments as “That’s where they screwed up, it’s Ms. Marvel not Captain Marvel”, “Captain Marvel is DC, Ms. Marvel is Marvel” or my favourite “Captain Marvel is not a woman.”. Now normally I would let ignorance be bliss however, some people were being really rude about it, arguing with each other and trying to make people feel stupid for thinking that Carol Danvers was Captain Marvel. So I decided that for this weeks Marvel Monday I would do a post on Carol Danvers & who her character is.

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The unanticipation of antman

Over the next few years there are many comic based movies coming out. You must have heard all the buzz about ¬†Batman vs superman, Civil War, Dr. Strange & Suicide Squad all set to be released in 2016. That’s only just a few of the very highly anticipated films coming in the next two years but there is a movie coming, just around the corner in July 2015 only two months after the ¬†second avengers film Age of Ultron, this upcoming film is Antman.

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