5 spinoffs I’d love to see

This week’s 5ff prompt was 5 spinoff I’d love to see, this is hard because as far as shows go I hate the idea of any characters leaving even if it’s for a spin off and for movies there are just so many. Anyway after much thought and two days late here they are.

1. OC
Okay so it would be more of a “next generation” deal then a spinoff but I’d love to see seth and summer raising a family and ryan helping that kid from the flash foward in the finale. Sometime these shows don’t do well (90210 in my opinion sucked) but the first few years of degrassi the next generation was pretty good for the first few seasons.


2. Ripper (the Rupert giles story)
Throughout btvs we hear stories from giles’ past and he really seemed like a bad ass, I’d like to see a show of what he was like in his  pre-watcher days. This was something that was actually developed but didn’t work out 😦


3. Jesse pinkman spinoff
I’d be lying if I said Jesse wasn’t my favourite part of breaking bad. He was awesome. Plus he survived the end of the show so what is he doing now? It would also be cool if they did it like better call Saul like a prequel /sequel show before and after breaking bad.


4. Budapest
I know A LOT of people want black widow to have a solo film…I’m not one of those people. .I am however one of those people who wanna know what happened in Budapest. Also black widow and hawkeye are two of my favouite avengers (after ironman) so although I don’t think after solo black widow movie is required I think a natasha/Clint movie would be


5 . Four brothers
This may seem random but I just saw a preview for a tv show based on the movie limitless and I think it would be cool to see a show about the guys from four brothers prior to their mom being murdered.the four of them were so different I think it would be a fun show to see.


So that’s them the five spinoffs I’d like to see made.

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