5 Show/Movie Deserving Comic Characters

I’m quite behind on 5FF so today I posting all the ones I have missed, this is the June 5th prompt “5 comic book characters you would like to see have their own show/movie”. I found this one pretty difficult as most of my favourites either do currently or have had movies or TV shows (Batman, Flash, Wolverine, Ironman etc) however I was able to come up with 5 and here they are.

1. Hawkman/Carter Hall (DC COMICS)


Hawkman has been around since 1940 & has an amazing backstory, I think it would be great if he was added to the DC Television universe.

2. Flash/Bart Allen (DC Comics)

Although he is in teen titans, I think it would be great to have a live action story (either film or tv) about Bart Allen as not only did he hold three mantles through out the flash storyline (impulse, kid flash & flash) he is also my favorite flash.

3. Storm/Ororo Munroe (xmen/Marvel comics)

Ever since the wolverine origins movie (which I know a lot of people didn’t like) that I loved I’ve been hoping they’d do an origins film for storm. Come on Fox!

4. The Defenders (Marvel Comics)

I love team-up movies (avengers, GOTG) and I am pumped for Justice League, another good team movie IMO would be the defenders, another superhero team from marvel.

5.She Hulk/ Jennifer Walters (Marvel Comics)

As I mentioned in one of my Marvel Monday posts, I do not think the hulk needs another solo film, not only did the first two not succeed as much as one would have liked, the story is one that is well known and not necessary to rehash over and over (hint hint spiderman) but similarly, she-hulk is not well known and seemingly overlooked, with the push recently on female characters getting recognized I think she would be a good one to use. 

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