5 fandom guilty pleasures

Another Five Fandom Friday is here & this one is ” 5 Fandom Guilty Pleasures” I found it hard to do this one as I do not feel guilty about anything, but if I had to pick stuff I do or love that other people (NOT ME) would feel guilty about it would be these 5.

1. Musicals


2. Binging

I know I know binging is super common but  I always feel as though I take it to a new level (even thought I probably don’t). So here is what I do, I get bored because I’m caught up on all my shows, I find a new one and I lay on my couch and watch the entire seasons straight out (taking minimal bathroom breaks) until I’m completely caught up (or finished a cancelled show). Normally it takes 2-3 days to watch 3-4 seasons.

3. Collections of books, movies, etc.


4.Disney Merchandise

As it has been established I LOVE Disney so I have so many Disney Items: the movies,figures, pop figures, gnomes, t-shirts & the list goes on.

5.90’s pop music


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