Top 10 Supernatural Themed TV Shows

Like I previously mentioned when I did my movie posts I think a person’s PVR is similar to a diary, it says a lot about someone. Along with the insane amount of movies, my PVR is set to record a lot of shows, not to mention my love for Netflix & Shomi, Of these shows they usually fall into one of four categories (genres). Over the next four weeks I will be ranking my top ten from each genre (both ongoing and past shows). The first post will be on my top 10 favourite supernatural shows.

10. IZombie– Created by Rob Thomas

9. Being Human —U.S. Version

8.Once Upon a Time


6. American Horror Story–Love them all but mostly Coven & Murder House

5.Haven–Even though it’s not like the Steven King story I am able to separate it.

4. Ghost Whisperer

3. Supernatural

2. The Vampire Diaries/The Originals —I know it’s two shows but ones a spin off so I’m combining them

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel–(see above)**BTW Joss Whedon=A God

Honourable Mentions

1. The Walking Dead

2. Under the Dome

3. Kyle XY

4. The 4400

5. Sleepy Hollow

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