5 Favourite Fictional Dads

Similar to the mother’s day prompt, in honor of father’s day we have our 5 favourite fictional dads. I am very excited about this one because I’m a TV addict and it’s the relationships that I find make my favourite shows what they are. Advanced warning not all are ACTUALLY the fathers but have fatherly relationships.

1. Keith Mars

Easily, without a doubt, my favourite TV dad of all time is Keith Mars. Actually the relationship between Veronica and Keith is one of my favourite relationships in general, He is an amazing father, he stood by veronica & became a single dad, raising a teenage girl who he was unsure was genetically even his, that’s what a father is, one who will do anything for their child.

2. Rupert Giles

He was an amazing father figure to Buffy, he was more than a watcher, he truly loved her and would go out of his way to keep her safe even if it meant breaking the rules or losing his job, he even helped her with Dawn.

3. Johnathan Kent

He took in an alien baby, raised him as his own son, did everything he could to make him safe and teach him to be a good man.

4. Joe West

Joe is not only an amazing father to Iris but also to Barry, similar to above, he took a boy in when he had nobody else, raised him as his own, loved and supported him and made him in to a man worth being called a hero.

5. Bobby Singer

Bobby did everything he could for both Dean and Sam, he stepped up and took over the role without a second thought, he without a doubt loved them like a father and treated them with such love.

So I just realized out of all 5, only one is biologically the character’s father..apparently there are more great father figures in the shows I watch than actually fathers, oh well they count.

Honourable Mentions.

1. Arthur Weasley

2. Darth Vader

3. Phillip Banks

4. Mufasa

5. Bryan Mills

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