Top 10 Television shows of 2014-2015 Regular Season

I hate this time of year! why? because my shows are all over 😦 Sure I have a couple summer series to watch and I usually can find some stuff to binge but it’s not the same. However, the one benefit is I can share with you all my year in Television. 

I think the best way to start this is to explain how my Television viewing is organized.. yes everything is organized. Firstly I have

4 genres I watch + 1 mix genre. 



Crime Drama

Supernatural/Crime Drama

Shown over 4 platforms

Netflix Originals

Regular Cable



and here are the shows (color coded based on genre)

Once upon a time | The Walking Dead  | Izombie |Vampire Diaries |Supernatural

Gotham |  Agents of SHIELD| Agent Carter | Daredevil |The Flash | Arrow 


Castle  |Bones | Criminal Minds |  Hawaii Five-0  | Bosch | Battle Creek| The Following

so of those which did I enjoy most this television season? Here it is my top ten television shows of the 2014-2015 regular season:

10. The Following

9. Gotham

8. Bones

7. Forever

6. Castle

5. Daredevil

4. Flash

3. Arrow

2. Vampire Diaries

1. IZombie

That was a really hard list to do since I love all my shows by those are the 10 I came up with, stay tuned for my favourite season finales as well as season reviews of some of those shows above.

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