5 fictional characters I relate to

This week’s 5ff prompt was 5 fictional characters I relate to which seems easy for about a minute. It actually took a lot of thought because that’s what I like so much about the movies and shows I watch,  I can almost always find someone to relate to.



#1. Every little girl who watches princess movies is able to tell you who her favourite princess is, it may get harder the rank them after the first but there is almost always one who stands out.  For me, that one was always Belle from Beauty and the beast.  Why? She was always the one I could relate to, she reminded me of myself. There’s of course the physical stuff such as her being the first brunette princess I remember seeing but then there’s the personality;  she’s different but she accepts that, she loves to read and get lost in the fantasy of the book world, she’s also not one to take a man’s crap.

Hermoine granger


#2. The second book lover on my list is hermoine granger, I’m proud to say I grew up in the “harry potter generation ” & I always loved hermoine. She is smart and does not try and hide it or dumb herself down to make anyone feel better about themselves .

Darlene connor


#3. Even though she is #3 on this list she’s actually more of my number one. I grew up on Roseanne and always felt a sense of relief when I saw that I wasn’t that different, that even though she was a character on a tv show there were people like darlene and myself out there, I was a major tomboy until high school, I did and still do have this sort of hate on for everything not like I hate everything I’m just cynical.  When darlene read her poem in one of the earlier seasons (don’t remember the actual episode) I cried because I felt like I had this connection to her. I’m also quite sarcastic as well

Veronica Mars


#4. Veronica made the list because I understand her lack of blinders,  she sees the world in a way that she can’t be let down and although it may sound like a crappy way to live if is a defense mechanism I’m all too familiar with.

Temperance brennan (bones )


#5. She’s an academic through and through she believes based on evidence and logic. I’m the same way.

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