The 5 Nerdiest Things I’ve Done

So i’m late like usually, eventually I will get back on track but unfortunately with things being so busy I’ve been putting blogging on the back burner, I just can’t miss 5FF because they are just so much fun 🙂 This week’s prompt is ” 5 nerdiest things I’ve done”, mine are mostly Disney related because I just love my Disney :).

1. My Hakuna Matata Tattoo.


also have a few more chosen for the future:

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2. Disney Themed Wedding [for more info click here]

934774_10152671336719903_6061897601602115819_n 1016811_1379875055636558_3195083098674990205_n 10524623_10152671336859903_7766279205399553115_n 10524688_10152682799474903_6220084914867395482_n 10547621_10152672612189903_7490395466501319762_n img_0448

3.Named my kitties after Disney Characters.

Simba & Nala


I wanted to name my other two kiara and vitani but my husband wouldn’t agree to it


4.Created by “fandom” bookcase

10502412_1475186379438758_742307678_n blog & my facebook groups.

Capture Capture1 Capture2Capture3

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