Binge-worthy shows

It’s late but here is my 5 Fandom Friday. So this week’s prompt was probably the hardest for me , so instead of doing my top 5 binge-worthy shows I decided to instead do the last 5 shows I binged.

1. American Horror Story


2. veronica mars


3. Buffy the vampire slayer


4. Daredevil


5. Secrets and lies


those are my last 5 shows that I binge watched. If I made a list of my favourite shows to binge it would be a lot longer than 5.

7 thoughts on “Binge-worthy shows”

  1. I have yet to watch Veronica Mars! I’m definitely excited it to try it out though. And yes to AHS, although I really wasn’t a fan of Coven. LOVED Asylum though, and Murder House is also great.


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