top 10 Romantic comedies

A person’s PVR says a lot about a person, mine says I watch too many movies over and over, of course we have my regular shows which get deleted after they are watched (except TVD which I keep) but I also have my movies which I keep until I feel as though I won’t want to re-watch anymore (which almost never happens). The movies are of various genres ranging from Chick Flicks to Horror, From CBMs to Romantic Comedies so for the next few weeks my #Top10Tuesdays will be focusing on my favourite movies. This week’s theme is my favourite Romantic Comedies. Before I start I would like to point out the difference between this week’s theme & next week’s theme (Chick Flicks). In my eyes romantic comedies are movies my husband will watch with me whereas Chick Flicks are movies I either watch alone or with my girlfriends (or when my husband is feeling VERY loving). There is much debate around the difference so that will be my criteria. If my husband will watch willingly=romantic comedy if he won’t =chickflick.

10. Just Friends (2005)

9. Think like a man (2012)

8. Killers (2010)

7. What’s your number (2011)

6. The Proposal (2009)

5. Just go with it (2011)

4. Bounty Hunter (2010)

3. The Ugly Truth (2009)

2. This means war (2012)

1.Friends with benefits (2011)

Honorable mentions

1. Sex Tape (2014)

2. Wedding Crashers (2005)

3. Knocked up (2007)

4. The girl next door (2004)

5. One for the money (2012)

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