Age of Ultron Review

Advanced Warning Spoilers Ahead.

age of ultron

So of course  this weekend was the opening weekend for the avengers sequel Age of Ultron, I had seen some bad reviews before hand but as always didn’t care as I like to judge for myself, and I’m glad I did. I thought it was as good if not better than  the first Avengers, Marvel and Joss Whedon never disappoint me. I know a lot of people were upset that Tony made ultron when in the comics it was Hank Pym, but given the way Marvel has set up it’s cinematic universe I found it worked better the way they did it. Anyway I’ve done up a few lists which I will include in this review.

5 Favourite Moments:

1. when they put the gem in the body Ultron wanted because as soon as they did and I saw it I was so excited because I could see it was the vision.

2. The fight scene between the hulk and the hulk buster.

3. The romanov-hulk moment

4. when scarlet witch decides to be an avenger

5. when everyone tries to pick up thor’s hammer (the scene everyone has scene because it’s been floating around the internet for like a year.)


Best Quotes

1.Barton: If you step out that door, you’re an Avenger.

2.  Tony: Clint you’ve had a hard week we won’t hold it against you if you can’t get it up

3. Ultron: I can’t really throw up in my mouth but if I could I would do it

4. Tony: Isn’t that WHY we fight, so we can end the fight and go home?

5. Steve: language

What could have been better (Compared to the first film)

1. Less down time — some slow scenes are good but some of them seemed slightly pointless

2. Ultron wasn’t that big of a threat, not when compared to Loki and the chitari

3. Although there were more fight scenes they weren’t AS good as the big one in Avengers

What I liked better (Compared to the first film)

1. The introduction of two new characters (Although one died)

2. More Barton time, I love Jeremy Renner as an actor and Hawkeye as a character, I liked how he got more screen time

3. More characters from other films –even though they didn’t get much screen time I like how they incorporated Heimdall, Selvig, Falcon & Rhodey

4. More insight into the avengers themselves and their lives/fears

5. More action (although not all great, it was faster paced)

Yay! moments

1. The introduction of the west coast avengers at the end of the movie

2. Thor’s vision of the infinity stones

3. Introduction of the vision

4. The post credit scene

noo! moments

1. Quicksilver died (or did he?)

2. Hulk leaves

Overall Rating: Although there were some short comings they are able to be looked past because of the great aspects, in comparison to other MCU films I’d rank it in my top 5. I give it a strong 9/10.

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