Top 10 TV Witches

This week’s top 10 Tuesday is my favourite TV Witches, which is something I am quite excited about as many of my favourite tv characters are witches, unfortunately that also makes it a difficult list to compile.

10. Paige Matthews| Portrayed by Rose McGowan| Charmed


9.Zoe Benson| Portrayed by Taissa Farmiga| AHS:Coven

8. Tara Maclay| Portrayed by Amber Benson| BTVS

7. Pru Halliwell| Portrayed by Shannen Doherty| Charmed

6. Samantha Stevens| Portrayed by Elizabeth Montgomery| Bewitched

5. Piper Halliwell| Portrayed by Holly Marie Combs| Charmed

4. Sabrina Spellman| Portrayed by Melissa Joan Hart| Sabrina the Teenage Witch

3. Pheobe Halliwell | Portayed by Alyssa Milano| Charmed

2. Bonnie Bennett| Portrayed by Kat Graham| Vampire Diaries

1. Willow Rosenberg| Portrayed by Alison Hannigan| BTVS

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