10 things about the Internet that have angered me lately.

So like I mentioned I have been slacking and today is Tuesday and I was trying so hard to come up with a top 10 topic but all I could think about is this tweet I saw earlier that really made me angry. So I decided hey how about thing on the Internet that have pissed me off lately. So here they are.

10. People thinking they are better than anyone else.
So I’m in quite a few fan groups on Facebook & I run two of them (which have been really successful ) but some that I am in there are people who make these forms of comments
“If you were a real fan”, “I’ve been doing/readig/watching whatever for ——years so I think I know” etc. Etc.  A fan is a fan is a fan . It doesn’t matter if you got into something yesterday or last week or 26.3333 years ago.

9. People bashing things others like
A very particular comment was on a post about daredevil,  the post said “daredevil is really well done maybe as good as arrow”  now I understand not everyone likes arrow and some people can’t get over the “cw effect” but that is no excuse for comments such as “or must suck if you’re comparing it to arrow, arrows shit only watched by teenage girls” or my favorite “only someone who’s completely retarded would watch arrow ” seriously if the show is popular enough to create not one but two spinoffs it’s doing something right.

8. Constant dc/marvel comparison/ bashing
Okay I get it they’re competitors but they also get along. If they can get along why can’t the fans.

7. People assume they know you.
I hate when  people in groups bash your lifestyle when they have no idea who you are or what you do.

6. People bashing eachother
Everyone’s cocky behind I keyboard.  There was actually a discussion about what superhero have mental illnesses and someone mentioned that Tony stark was narcissistic which led to this whole big thing about how psychogists just want to diagnose everyone…as a psychologist some of the things this guy said really got to me…so I just left the group.

5. People using fan groups to try and pick up girls
I also just left another group because every other post was a guy’s selfie asking girls to add him and not just one guy a bunch of them.

4. The race war of comics
Well my opinion has already been made public about race changing in comic book movies but I’ll repeat it here just because someone doesn’t want a Caucasian character’s race changed does not make them racist HOWEVER some wording does. Regardless , the closer we get to fantastic four the more I see battles between the races on social media.

3. The hating on celebrities for personal decisions.
For instance one I hated was when people were bashing Shatner for not attending Nemoy’s funeral. He had a fundraiser to be at and even if he hadn’t how he grieves is nobody else’s business. One I’m seeing now is people bashing Nina Dobrev for being “selfish ” for leaving TVD. She signed on for 6 seasons and never intended on going past that, that’s her business, sure the show is gonna take a hit but she has the right to expand her acting, she shouldn’t be asked to stick around a show indefinitely and give up other opportunities that’s fans being selfish.

2. People getting invested in the personal lives of celebrities
Similar to the ending of #3. There have been many fake articles of speculation saying the reason Nina is leaving TVD is because Ian Somerhalder got engaged,  since they split up they have continuously told fans they are still friends, they can still work together, the breakup was mutual because they were in different places in their lives, Nina herself has said she is leaving to explore other options, so why speculate and if the speculation wasn’t enough this leads to people bashing nina for being jealous, Ian for pushing her to leave & Nicky for being Ian’s girlfriend (it’s not like he cheated people ) .
1. Then there is this that I saw this morning.  The motivation for this post.

This is a tweet about Jensen Ackles child. I’m not angry because it’s his child I’m angry because someone would write this about child in general. 



Honorable mentions
1. Spoilers without alerts
2. Fake articles
3. People who rant about the fake articles like they are gospel
4. Fan theories being wrote about like they are true
5. People who say “bad day don’t bother” obviously people are gonna bother you are basically bagging them too.

So that is my rant… hope I didn’t offend anyone.

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