5 times I totally fangirled

I’ve been slacking on the blogging front…alot…so I thought I would take the time and try and at least catch up on #5FF.

A few weeks ago the prompt was 5 times I fangirled.  Now I haven’t met anyone famous or gone to any conventions. ..yet…so mine are probably kinda lame but whatever …here is my list.

1. Michael connelly responded to a tweet !

Actually he responded to a few . I love Michael connelly ‘ s books and the movies/show based on them and to have him acknowledge me was awesome.

2. Marvel released the dates for phase 3.

I know it’s lame to fan girl over release dates but sorry not sorry . The long list of upcoming films are awesome.

3. The release of the star wars 7 trailer

4.snoop Dogg /ice cube concert 2008 I know not geeky but it was definitely fan girling. Was so excited when snoop Dogg came out I almost fainted.

5.my buffyverse Facebook group got 100 members in the first hour.

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