Top 10 TV Supporting Characters

What would TV shows be without their supporting cast? Leads don’t carry the shows on their own, and on that note here are my top 10 TV Show Supporting Characters.

10. John Casey| Chuck | Portrayed by Adam Baldwin

john casey

9. Chloe Sullivan| Smallville| Portrayed by Allison Mack


8. Captain Cold| Flash| Portrayed by Wentworth Miller

7. Dwight Hendrickson| Haven| Portrayed by Adam Copeland


6. Lorne| Angel| Portrayed by Andy Haillet


5. Faith | BTVS| Portrayed by Eliza Dushku


4. Roy Harper| Arrow| Portrayed by Colton Hayes

3. Oz| BTVS| Portrayed by Seth Green


2.Willow Rosenberg| BTVS| Portrayed by Alison Hannigan


1. Eli Navarro| Veronica Mars| Portrayed by Francis Capra


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