Top 10 TV villains

Following the television is this week’s top ten Tuesday this time focusing on villains/criminals.

10.victor Hesse (Hawaii five -0) portrayed by James Marsters


9. Dr wells (flash) portrayed by Tom Cavanaugh


8. Brainiac (smallville) portrayed by James Marsters


7. The reaper (criminal minds ) portrayed by Thomas c Howell


6. Damon Salvatore (tvd) portrayed by Ian Somerhalder.


5. Spike (buffyverse) portrayed by James Marsters


4. Ripper Stefan (tvd) portrayed by Paul westley


3. Angelus (buffyverse) portrayed by David boreanaz


2. Tony soprano  (sopranos )portrayed by James Gandolfini


1. Katherine pierce (TVD) portrayed by Nina Dobrev


Honorable mentions
1. Klaus mikaelson originals (Joseph morgan)
2. Crowley supernatural (mark Sheppard )
3. Cole turner charmed  (Julian McMahon)
4. Regina /evil queen once upon a time (Lana parrilla)
5.lex Luthor smallville  (Michael Rosenbaum )

2 thoughts on “Top 10 TV villains”

  1. YES! IDK why, but for some reason I always forget about Katherine, but I shouldn’t as she’s an awesome villain! I love that she’s not a typical female villain either! She’s just trying to make it!

    And I didn’t know James Marsters was in Hawaii 5-O! I’ve been meaning to watch it (it’s in my queue)! James Marster and Daniel Dae Kim! Be still my heart!!!

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