5 comfort movies

We all have comfort foods (chocolate,  chips so on ) but I love this week’s 5FF prompt “5 comfort movies ” now mine may be weird for comfort movies but oh well here are my top 5 comfort movies.

5. Anything from the Fast and Furious Franchise (I’m sooo excited for the new one… in 2 weeks !)

4. The Hangover/The Heat/21 Jump Street (They’re tied, I love them both)– Just incase I’m in need of a good laugh

3. Space Jam–If I’m in need of a little nostalgia this is where I turn, I was 7 I think when this movie came out and I loveee it, I am a huge basketball fan and huge Michael Jordan fan and of course there’s looney tunes & aliens so what’s not to love.

2. Lincoln Lawyer–LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. I know it’s strange for it to be on a list of “comfort movies” but it’s one of my go-to movies to make myself feel good.

1. Lion King–It probably has one of the saddest scenes of any movie ever but I still love it. It’s my favourite disney movie and unless it’s not painfully obvious I love me my disney.

Honorable mentions

Anything from MCU, Disney or the Original Batman Anthology

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