What if Wednesday –recreating buffy cast

I’m not talking about a remake or a reboot because personally I think that would be a mistake,  if something is not broke then you don’t fix it; Buffy started almost 18 years ago, it’s been cancelled for 11 yet it still had a huge fan base. What I’m proposing is this…imagine it never existed , perhaps it was just the movie and a comic series, and for the first time Joss was looking to do a btvs show, starting in 2015, who would you like to be casted?

I know it’s hard to imagine a word where SMG isn’t Buffy,  but that’s the point of what if Wednesday.  So of Btvs was never on air and I chose the cast, this would be it:

Spike / William Pratt played by: Ian Somerhalder.
– it’s undeniable that there are similarities between the characters of spike and Damon Salvatore & Ian is the perfect actor to play Damon therefore he could also pull off spike.


Angel/Angelus played by Channing Tatum.
-he’s beautiful for one also I really like his acting and I think he could pull off the brooding thing.


Xander Harris portrayed by: Andrew Garfield.
-Here is my opinion of the former amazing spiderman star, he is incredible,  he has already played roles where he acted like an ass and came out likeable and that is something needed in a Xander.


Principal Snyder portrayed by: Bryan Cranston .
– Have you watched breaking bad? No? Then go watch it…no explaining necessary.


Joyce summers portrayed by Sandra Bullock.
no logical explanation there I just love her.


Rupert Giles portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch.
I just though who’s British and awesome. Benedict.


Westley portrayed by James McAvoy.
-same selection process as above.


Willow Rosenberg portrayed by Emma Stone.
-Out of all of them it’s the only one my heart is in 100%, emma stone would be incredible as willow.


Faith Lehane portrayed by Bianca Lawson
I know she was part of the original cast (as kendra) but honestly this woman still plays teenagers and still pulls it off.


Buffy summers portrayed by Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence.
-both as gorgeous,  young and have some experience  kicking ass on screen.


4 thoughts on “What if Wednesday –recreating buffy cast”

  1. This leaves me feeling strange. I can’t imagine a world without a Nicholas Brendan Xander or a Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy. And ESPECIALLY not a world without a Alison Hannigan Willow. I don’t disagree with your casting choices, just the exercise as a whole… It’s kind of traumatic for me. Lol.


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