Casting of spiderman for the new franchise

As I discussed in my last marvel Monday post spiderman win be making an appearance in the MCU and Sony will be rebooting the franchise. Since on official announcement yet on who will be cast to play Peter (or miles if you believe the rumors that they are going that route) in the upcoming films u thought is make a list of my top 5 choices for both characters.

Peter parker dream list


5.Jeremy Irvine
4. Grant Gustin
3 . Logan Lerman
2. Dave Franco
1.Dylan O’Brien–love love love him in teen wolf, also it is rumored that he and Logan Lerman are in talks with Sony (but I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed until an official announcement is made)

Now just because there is speculation that the new spiderman may not be Peter parker (although I hope it is because of the civilwar introduction ) here are my top 5 choices if they go for miles.
Miles morales dream list


5. Tyler James Wilson
4. Trevor Jacksn
3 .Donald Glover
2. Michael B Jodan
1. Jaden smith–yep I said it…I know a lot of people hate him and I agree most of the roles he got were because of his father (who btw is one of my favourite actors) but he has proven himself sure not all his movies are great but the boy  can act.

As a concluding note…& I don’t mean to come off as racist but as you saw all my peter choices are white, all my miles choices are not, this is not because I don’t want a black /Latino spiderman,  miles exists in the source material, and I’m good with that if they decide to use him instead of parker HOWEVER similarly to my post of the fantastic four casting I want the actors to reflect the material, I am aware that spiderman *parker* was created at a time where most heroes were white and all the other points people make but I would still like it to stay the same,  I’m not sitting here asking for a white falcon & I didn’t like when they made ra’s AL ghul white in the DKT it’s not racism it’s loyalty to the source material I grew up reading so please nobody take offense.

3 thoughts on “Casting of spiderman for the new franchise”

  1. While I REALLY want Donald Glover as Miles, I just think Garfield would be able to stay as Peter forever. He and Emma Stone were shining stars in the two movies! Those two made the movies watchable!

    That being said: Gustin for Parker 2016 (I think I need to make posters, and put them out on my lawn!).


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