Darkseid vs Thanos Super Saturday Villain Faceoff

This week’s Super Saturday Faceoff is a villain comparison between Marvel’s Thanos & DC’s Darkseid.

Round 1-Origin Story

Thanos– Thanos was one of the last sons born to A’Lars (the progenitor of the second colony of Eternals on Titan) & Sui-San (The last survivor of the original settlement of Eternals on Titan). Thanos was born with the deviant syndrome & as a child was obsessed with the concept of death.  As his power grew so did his ambition. He killed thousands including his mother and declared himself the ruler of Titan. He gained full power through conquering of worlds as well as a cosmic cube, he thought he had drained it of its power but it was used by captain marvel (Mar-vell) who willed it to return everything to the way it was before Thanos, this also made him mortal. He then set his sights on the soul gems (infinity gems) which gives him unmeasureable power.

Darkseid–Darkseid is worshipped as the “god of evil” he is also the leader of the planet Apokolips, he seeks to control all living things. When the old gods fell in Ragnarok the new gods filled the void. It is not known how he became the god of evil. All that is known is that it was following the murder of his mother. He was married once but following his wife’s death he turned his back on the concept of love.

Winner–Thanos, not only does he have a more interesting back story it is also a longer and more detailed backstory.

Round 2-Ultimate Goal:

Thanos: His goal is to use the “infinity gauntlet” to have mastery over all aspects of life, which gives him the capability to wipe out life .

Darkseid: His goal is to use the “Anti-Life Equation” which strips people of their free will in order to rule the universe.

Winner: Thanos has a more evil goal to wipe out life so even though Darkseid’s goal of stripping free will is interested this one has to go to Thanos.

Round 3-most dangerous device

The infinity gauntlet = wipes out life

Darkseid -the anti life equation =turns people into slaves


Round 4–Look

Winner–Darkseid looks more ominous

Round 5–Nemesis

Thanos–Captain Marvel (Mar-vell)


Winner–Darkseid– I mean his nemesis is superman.

Overall: Thanos: 3 Vs. Darkseid 2

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