5 Things I’ve Bought but haven’t used yet

So I know it’s Saturday but it took me until now to try and come up with 5 things for this week’s prompt. Finally I did, and here they are, 5 Books + 1 Board Game I haven’t Read/Played yet.

1. Civil War– How I am able to have this in my possession and have not read it is beyond me, I’m waiting for the time when I have nothing to do so I can sit down and read it straight through with no interruptions.

2. Wolverine: Logan –Bought this a few months ago at a pawn shop and started it but never go around to finishing it. I will soon though because well it’s about Wolverine, so I have to.

3. John Winchester’s Journal– You see it on the show but there is nothing cooler than having John Winchester’s journal in front of you, it is just like on the show with the drawings and everything, I started to read it but then my mother in law came to visit and I lent it to her & haven’t gotten it back.

4. The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening & The Struggle–Counts technically as 2 books but it’s in one so i’m going to count it that way, I love the show and really want to read the books just haven’t gotten around to them yet.

5. Grimm’s complete fairy tales– I have read a select few but not all yet.

BONUS: Marvel Scene It! Board Game– this is more because nobody will play it with me 😦

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