The Joker? on Gotham

When Gotham started last fall I had the introduction to the joker thought up in my head, I imagined how they’d do it or how i’d like them to do it and this is what I came up with.

They focus on Gordon throughout the series, you see Bruce grow into the man he becomes as well as how the villains each evolve from who they are when the show starts and the villains we are used to. Now in my imagination this does NOT include the Joker, since part of the greatness of the joker is his true origin is unknown. The way I imagined it was the last scene of the series finale they time jump to when Bruce is Batman, he is somewhere and in the background you hear a maniacal laugh, then it ends. In my imagination, you never even see the joker let alone his origin.

Then last week the teaser for this week’s episode came out and who do they hint to getting introduced but the Joker.

Needless to say I was PISSED! Probably more than I should have been, my husband kept telling me ” you know he existed before he was the joker right, he wasn’t just born a grown man and already the joker” and I had to keep telling his that wasn’t the point, they shouldn’t have him in the show yet. After about half a week or so of me bitching, my arguments started to not even make sense anymore I just kept repeating the same thing regardless of the points brought up.

Monday came and I didn’t even want to see the episode. I finally caved and I am glad I did. This episode was probably my favourite of the series for various reasons including:

1. Penguin’s reaction to the guy heckling his mom (AWESOME)

2. Ed and Dr. Thompkins basically racing each other to reveal information

3. Gordon and Thompkin’s relationship development

4. Barbara just chilling with the homeless  kids who are hanging out in her house

5. Bruce telling the board of Wayne Enterprises where to go

6. The introduction of the flying Graysons and the dynamics of (Obviously) Robin’s parents

7. Barbara walking in on Gordon and Dr. Thompkins (serves you right)

8. The Fortune Teller

It was an awesome episode, but the part that was my favourite was Jerome (you know the guy I didn’t want in the episode). He was amazing, Cameron Monaghan captured the essence of the Joker perfectly.

The laugh was spot on, the look was great, the smile on his face when he snapped it was all PERFECT & really reminded me of Nicholson’s Joker (who btw is my favourite Joker). I know he is only supposed to be one of many POSSIBLE jokers introduced throughout the show, but after that performance I really hope it is him, he is perfect for the role.

I can’t even be mad anymore as much as I want to I just can’t.  Great Job Gotham writers! That episode was amazing.

If I had to give it a grade it would have to be an A

4 thoughts on “The Joker? on Gotham”

  1. The Red Hood Gang appears in the Gotham episode “Red Hood”.[14] The Red Hood identity is conceived by gang member Gus Floyd (portrayed by Michael Goldsmith) who made the red hood to wear over his head. The Red Hood Gang are first seen where they rob a bank. A security guard tries to stop them only to knocked out. The Red Hood Gang makes off the money and the red-hooded member throws the money to the crowd as a diversion for the police. The Red Hood Gang then plan their next move at Kell’s Auto. After Gus mentioned that the wearer of the Red Hood should lead the Red Hood Gang, gang member Clyde Destro (portrayed by Jonny Coyne) shoots Gus Floyd and takes his red hood to lead the Red Hood Gang. James Gordon and Harvey Bullock find the body of Gus at Kell’s Auto. The Red Hood Gang then raids another bank claiming that they want the bank’s insurance by stealing it’s vault money. Clyde is later approached by one of his operatives wanting the red hood to impress his girlfriend. Upon arriving at Clyde’s apartment, Bullock finds Clyde on the ground with a bullet wound on him while the other operative has gotten away. As Bullock wants the names of the Red Hood Gang members Gordon found the denied loans where Clyde is revealed to be a baker wanting money from the banks that rejected him. Upon finding a clue of the next bank heist, the three remaining members of the Red Hood Gang are confronted by the police which leads to a shoot out where the three remaining Red Hood Gang members are killed. The red hood is later found by an unknown man while the police officers present aren’t looking.

    So I’m guessing that jerome found the red hood, and they are going for the imposter falling down a vat of drugs in a chemical plant.

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