Sony & Marvel Agreement

So as you all know (i’m assuming if you don’t click HERE and read first) Marvel sold the film right to various characters in order to avoid bankruptcy, one of these characters being Spider Man, which is why Peter Parker wasn’t in the Avengers (Although in the comics he sometimes is involved.)

Sony got the rights to spiderman and it’s characters while Fox got the rights to xmen and fantastic four and Sony was thriving on the Spiderman franchise… until they weren’t.

Before the Amazing Spiderman 2 hit theatres last summer Sony had big plans for the franchise, talks were happening about getting a sinister six and venom spin off, a follow up to TAS2 for 2016 was in talks, Sony was pushing their spiderman franchise harder than ever before & then the movie came out.

There are mixed opinions about the film but it appears the most common one is that Sony tried to shove too much into the movie, they focused too much on peter’s relationship, so on and so forth. The box office numbers were the lowest of the 5 spiderman films (the first three with McGuire & TMA), it got beat out by competing marvel titles such as Fox’s X-Men: Days of Futures Past and Marvel Entertainment’s Captain America; The Winter Soldier & Guardians of the Galaxy.

Following the disaster that was ASM2 the future of Sony’s spiderman franchise came in to question, Venom was thrown out, the ASM3 release date was cancelled & it is unknown if the sinister six will continue or not.  The future looked bleak for Sony when it came to Spiderman

but then the news dropped. Rumours began to spread about Disney (who owns Marvel Entertainment) & Sony negotiating a deal that could be beneficial to both parties as well as allow the use of Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel & DC began to give their line ups for the next few years, Fox announced the highly anticipated deadpool movie, Fans wondered when Spiderman was coming to MCU, yet there was no announcement when they announced phase three, and when asked about it Kevil Feige would not confirm or deny any discussion. 2015-02-17 14-00-43

Just when it seemed like it was time to give up hope that Marvel would ever get sony back the next best thing happened. After offering apparently BILLIONS of dollars to buy back the film rights Marvel was able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement in which Sony will basically LEASE the character to Marvel so that Spiderman will appear in an “upcoming MCU film” (most likely Civil War) before Sony does his next Solo film in 2017. Marvel won’t make any money off of Sony’s spiderman films & likewise Sony won’t make any money off of the MCU film that features Spidey.

So Marvel still doesn’t have the rights but we will still be seeing Spiderman in a MCU film which is good enough for me.


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