Wolverine vs. Cyclops

This week’s super saturday faceoff is another battle of the xmen, this time Wolverine vs Cyclops. The winner goes against Storm in the next round.

Origin Story

Cyclops: Scott Summers was one of two boys born to Christopher and Katherine Summers. The family was in a plane on their way home from vacation when it was attacked by a space craft, in order to save the boys Katherine pushed them out of the plane with the only available parachute. Scott suffered a head injury and was in a coma for a month. His brother was adopted and Scott was put in an orphanage that was controlled by the evil geneticist ¬†Mister Sinister. As a teenager he was put in the care of mutant criminal Jack Winters aka. Jack O’Diamonds. Scott began to suffer headaches and soon after his power first appeared as an uncontrollable blast of force from his eyes. The blast demolished a crane, which caused it to drop it’s load at the crowd, he saved them by using another blast to destroy the falling objects but they still believed he was attempting to hill him. The crowd rallied into a mob and he had to flee. Winters attempted to use Scott’s new powers to commit his crimes and began to abuse him when he refused. He was lucky that his powers got the attention of Professor Xavier who rescued him from Winters and recruited him as the first member of the Xmen.

Wolverine: James “Logan” Howlett was born in Alberta Canada between 1886 and 1897. He was born James Howlett the second son of Elizabeth Howlett and was the illegitimate son of the Howlett’s grounds keeper Thomas Logan. As a child he was frail and prone to various allergic attacks. He was neglected by his both who institutionalized for a time after the death of James’ half brother John Jr. He spent most of his early years with two other children, Rose O’Hara (a red haired irish girl) and a boy nicknamed “dog” the son of Thomas Logan and James’ half brother. The children grew close but as adolescents Dog was being abused, the abuse of which led to the warping of his mind and he started making unwanted advances towards Rose,James reported his to his father and in retaliation Dog killed James’ puppy. ¬†While drunk and attempting to get his former lover to flee with him Thomas (with his son) invaded the Howlett Estate. John Sr. attempted to stop him and Thomas shot him in the head, just as James was entering the room. This is when his mutation first appeared with bone claws extending from him hands. He attacked the intruders with uncharacteristic ferocity, he killed Thomas and scared Dog’s face with three claw marks. Elizabeth who was already slightly unhinged lost it at this moment and after driving James away killed herself with Thomas’ gun. Rose fled the estate with James and then Dog falsely reported to the police and to James’ grandfather that James and Rose had committed the murders. They fled to the Yukon territory and James began to go by the name of Logan as part of a disguise. Over the next few months Logan grew in strength and became uncharacteristically healthy. When Dog hunted him down they had a fight and when trying to help him Logan accidentally impaled Rose with his claws. The guilt of killing his first love drove him to hide out in the woods. In 1914 when WWI broke out Logan joined the Canadian army, fighting as well in WWII and the Cold War. A lot more stuff happened that would take up way too much space to write but after a fight with the Hulk he was approached by Charles Xavier who wanted Logan’s help in aiding his students “the xmen” to escape the island-being known as Krakoa. After Krakoa was defeated he decided to stay with the Xmen where he had a growing rivalry with Cyclops (mainly because he had a thing for Cyclops’ girlfriend Jean).

Winner: They both have such amazing origin stories… Death of parents (both), Unexpected Powers (both), Under the care/control of evil men (both) I think the edge has to go towards Logan though with the death of his first love and the evil half-brother.


Cyclops: Optical Blasts

Wolverine: Regeneration, Virtual Immunity to Poisons and Drugs, Resistance to Diseases, Enhanced agility & Reflexes, extended lifespan, Slow aging process, superhuman senses, Tracking Skills, 3 Claws in each arm that extend to 1 foot,

Winner: Wolverine Easy


Cyclops: Master Stategist and Tectician, Master Martial Artist, Expert Pilot, Telepathic Resistance

Wolverine: Master in every form of martial arts/fighting style; expert in weapons, vehicles, computer systems, explosives and assassination techniques; fluent in :japanese, russian, chinese, spanish, Lakota, and Cheyenne and has some knowledge of French, Thai and Vietnamese.

Winner: Wolverine... Again


Cyclops: X-Men, X-Factor,

Wolverine: X-Men, Avengers, Housemen of the Apocalypse, Fantastic Four, Secret Defenders, Team X, CIA, Canadian Army.

Winner: Wolverine

Overall: Wolverine has an easy win with 4-0

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