Real Life Ships

So I decided I would also for valentines day do my favourite real life ships, some of these people are together in real life or have been or IN MY OPINION should be. So here they are the top 5 real life couples I ship.

5. James & Maggie

I actually just found out they were really together but now that I do they are one of my favourite celebrity couples, loved them together on psych and I mean really just read the pic it says it all.

4. Andrew & Emma

They are so adorable together, they had good chemistry on Amazing Spiderman and there are also rumours of wedding bells in the future.

3. Ryan & Rachel

After the notebook who wouldn’t ship this at one time couple, when filming the notebook Ryan has actually admitted that he hated her at the beginning, if this is true he hid it quite well as the two’s on-screen chemistry was amazing, They started dating until they split for good in 2008. But weren’t they so cute together.

2.Jason & Kristen

Okay, I know, Kristen Bell is married to Dax Sheppard but really how adorable are her and Jason Dohring together. He even said in an interview once that he thinks he was actually in love with her for the three years they worked on Veronica Mars which is why their chemistry seemed so real. That chemistry was still there in the film and made me fall in love with Veronica & Logan all over again. So what if she’s married and he’s married, I can dream.

1. Ian & Nina

So they are not together anymore 😦 but they have remained friends which I think is great and they have such awesome chemistry between them still on TVD. It’s not like they ended their relationship on bad terms they were just in different places in their lives, which is understandable. There are plenty of “jealousy” rumours floating around but like they say you can’t believe everything you read, from what I understand they still are close & supportive of eachothers’ relationships.#Nian

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