Geeky Date Nights in Honour of Valentine’s day

I love when Holidays come around because I always get some many ideas for posts. Here is my date night ideas for geeky couples, these are one’s my husband and I do since he is a gaming geeky and i’m well nerdy over everything else. So here is how we spend our “date nights” give them a try, see what you think.

1.Board Game Night

I love board games; Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scene It particularly. And my husband and I alone or with other friends love to sit around in comfy food and play games for hours, it’s fun and gets us “unplugged” for a while, he is a sore loser though so every now and then I have to let him win 🙂

2.Have a geeky/love movie marathon

while everyone is busy watching the valentine’s movie of the year my husband and I usually go see something else in theatres that isn’t as busy (i.e. one year we watched a good day to die hard) something else we like to do sometimes if we don’t feel like going out is have a romantic geeky movie marathon. We get our treats and curl up on the couch in a PJs and watch away. (Click here for my list of top 10 geeky love movies)

3.Vintage Video game Day

The title says it all, we sit around and battle it out around Mario or Sonic etc.

4.Trip to the Comic Shop

This is actually what I am doing this valentine’s day, my town doesn’t have a store with just comics but there is a used book store that has cheap coffee books records and comics, it’s a really inviting atmosphere and has seating areas etc. where customers can have coffee and read away, a great way for me to spend the day with my husband I think 🙂

5. Netflix Binge Watch

Okay so this is an everyday activity but some days baking cookies and ordering pizza, not getting dressed at all and just laying around all day watching netflix is a necessity.

We also do “regular” date night things every once in a while… like you know…leave the house.

We got swimming and skating and sliding and out for supper and to the movies. Hope you got some good ideas, how are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

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