5 Favourite Female Fictional Female Friendships (Galentine’s day)

So this weeks 5FF was actually supposed to be 5 favourite fictional couples in honour of valentines day, unfortunately for me I have an unhealthy obsession with fictional relationships and couldn’t come up with only 5 so instead I made links to my previous top ten posts about fictional couples at the end of this one and for this week’s 5FF I went a bit off script and instead am doing 5 Favourite Fictional Female Friendships. Hope you enjoy.

1. Elena, Bonnie & Caroline | TVD|

This friendship has lasted for all 6 seasons & counting, it has changed through out the years as friendships often do, but these three girls have been through a lot and they still love each other despite how much everyone has changed. They won’t even let death come between them.

2. Buffy & Willow |BTVS|

Another long running friendship, 7 years of the show and they always remained friends. Willow brought Buffy back from the dead and Buffy helped Willow quit dark magic, Willow helped Buffy stop the apocalypse,Buffy helped Willow deal with Oz leaving. They went through a lot together, and had their issues (like say, willow trying to end the world for instance) but they always made it through it all & came out stronger.

3.Pheobe, Monica and Rachel | Friends|

Monica and Rachel are the story of highschool friends finding each other again and Pheobe, who could have easily become the “third wheel” in their relationship fit right in. They were so different that they were perfect together. The “weird” one, the “pretty but not too smart one” & the “control freak”, make up the perfect friendship (actually it makes me think of me and some of my besties).

4. Brooke & Haley | OTH|

One of those friendships that you don’t really see coming, complete opposites from the start, best friends at the end. They started the show either straight out disliking each other (Haley) to not really knowing the other existed (Brooke) but after she started dating Nathan Haley became friends with Peyton and through her Brooke, They went from not having anything to do with each other to being business partners and god mothers to each other’s children.

5. Veronica and Mac |Veronica Mars|

A friendship created out of a “business” relationship, 10 years after highschool & they are still friends. They made it through highschool, college and a 9 year separation and in the film it was like no time has past, that’s true friendship being separated but being able to pick up where you left off.

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