Mr Fantastic vs. Plastic Man

This week’s Super Saturday Faceoff is another Hero faceoff this time between the stretchy men Mr. Fantastic of Marvel’s Fantastic Four and DC’s Plastic Man.


Mr. Fantastic– Reed Richards was one of the most brilliant minds of his generation as well as one of the bravest adventurers. He was born into a scientific family, his father Nathaniel Richards was a scientific genius which made his family quite wealthy. He took college level courses at age 14,He attended 4 different universities and  earned various degrees before he was out of his teen years.While attending state he met Victor Von Doom and roomed with Ben Grimm who became Reed’s best friend. While at school Victor Von Doom started a rivalry with Reed trying to prove himself smarter. While attending Columbia he met a much younger Sue Storm, who he later dated when she entered her college years, he also befriended her brother Johnny. After college he did military work that moved him around the globe, when he returned to the US and to Sue he gained government funding for his starship project which he got his friend Ben (then a test pilot) to help him with. He convinced Ben to do a test flight when the project was threatened to be shut down, Sue & Johnny Storm insisted on going with them. They successfully launched into space but cosmic rays penetrated the ship causing their return to earth where they realized the rays had mutated their genes causing them to be changed into superhumans. Reed’s mutation led to the ability to stretch his body to great lengths, as mister fantastic he led the new group fantastic four, using his genius and remaining fortune to fund and equip the team.

Plastic Man–In the 1940s a crook named Patrick O’Brian was shot by a security guard at the Crawford Chemical Works and struck by a falling drum full of an unidentified acid which entered his wound. He was saved by a group of monks whose example led him away from a life of crime. The acid bath gave him the ability to change his shape. He became a hero as well as an occasional member of the Justice League. 

Winner– O’Brian was a reformed criminal which is an interesting story line however, I like the increased detail in Mr. Fantastic’s origin story as well as the different personality aspects included in it, so I have to give him the win.


Mr. Fantastic– Fantastic Four, Illuminati, Avengers, Defenders,

Plastic Man– FBI, Justice League of America, All Star Squadron, Freedom Fighters

Winner– Would have to go to Mr. Fantastic who is affiliated with not only two major superhero teams (Fantastic Four & Avengers) but also a minor team (Defenders) as well as probably the most interesting being the illuminati although plastic man’s affiliation with the FBI as well as JLA is interesting as well it’s just not enough to compete.


Mr. Fantastic– Dr. Doom (Victor Von Doom)

Plastic Man– I actually never read any comics on Plastic Man but going from my research he seems to have had many enemies, none of which could be classified as his “Nemesis” 

Winner–By default because I couldn’t find an actual Nemesis this has to go to Mr. Fantastic (However, if anyone knows of a nemesis of Plastic Man please let me know and I’ll update it)


Mr. Fantastic– Agility,Elasticity, Gadgets, Insanely Rich, Intellect, Iinvulnerability. Leadership. Shape Shifter. Size Manipulation, Stamina, Unarmed Combat

Plastic Man– Adaptive, Agility, Chameleon, Claws, Controlled Bone Growth, Density Control,Elasticity, Healing, Immortal, Iinvulnerability, Longevity, Shape Shifter, Size Manipulation, Stamina, Super Strength, Willpower-Based Constructs

Winner– When looking at the powers/abilities they DO NOT share Plastic Man wins with Super Strength, Immortality and Adaptability.

Overall: Mr. Fantastic wins 3/4 rounds.

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