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I am the girl who grew into myself. Now that I have hit my early thirties, I feel more self-assured and do not take things so seriously. I tend to cook cupcakes while watching Archer on Netflix, hula hoop while reading on my tablet, and cleaning day is my girl power movie and wine day as well. Multi-tasking is my favorite way to get that perfect balance and make anything at least kind of fun.

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For my geeky girl blogger of the month of February I decided to feature Stephanie & her blog Schtick and Substance.

This blog has quite a bit of variety of posts, reviews, rankings & cosplays to just mention a few. Here are a few links to some of my favourites:

Gotham Series Premiere (The first post I read)

Top Valentines Day Movies: The Comprehensive Version

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Episode 1

Top Ten 1940’s Style Adventure Movies

Exploring the Nerve Endings of my Funny Bone

Below is my interview with Stephanie, be sure to check her out by clicking any of the above links.

Jessica:What made you decide to start schtickandsubstance?

Stephanie:I felt like I needed to do something creative or I was going to explode. LOL. Work is lovely to have, but it can be a mind numbing thing that I need to kind of reboot my brain afterwards to feel more like myself. Blogging has been a wonderful outlet/reboot mechanism for me, and I feel like I am making something and contributing to a community as well.

Jessica: Tell me a bit about your blog

Stephanie: It is a collection of reviews, recommendations, articles, and “cosplay” outfits from a girl that embraces her geek side as well as her girly one.

Jessica: Are there any nerdy blogs which inspire you?

Stephanie: Everyone apart of the Female Geek Bloggers community is amazing! I joined when I first started blooging, but I did not have the highest expectations to be honest. People online can get mean in a hurry, unfortunately. I am so so happy that they have been an exception to that, and have found a number of wonderful human beings that actually help each other out and give support.

Jessica:What are your 5 favourite things to nerd out over?

Stefanie:Sherlock, Marvel Movies, Doctor Who, Comedy, and of course Joss Whedon.

Jessica:Who is your favourite fictional female character & why?

Stefanie:In Books: Elizabeth Bennet, because Jane Austin wrote a beautifully well rounded character in a time where real women were not often even seen that way.
Other: Alison Hendrix from the TV Show Orphan Black, because she is so many things while still being human.

Jessica: Who is your favourite villain/supervillain?

Stephanie:Crowley from Supernatural. Mark Sheppard is amazing in everything, but what he has been able to do over the years of building Crowley is my favorite.

Jessica: Who is your fictional crush?

Stephanie:Although Benedict from Much Ado About Nothing and Moss from The It Crowd are totally my types, I crush more on fictional relationships. Nick and Nora from The Thin Man series was my first relationship crush, and since then I have found I am most drawn towards work that features a loving healthy partnership.

Jessica:My blog focuses a lot on comics, do you prefer Marvel, DC or Both?

Stephanie:I learn towards Marvel as my favorite, but I still love some DC series. Marvel characters just feel more fleshed out (particularly the females). Jean Grey, She Hulk, and the Invisible Woman are my main Marvel ladies. I love Barbara Gordon on the DC side, but I am not liking very much about the new Batgirl run.

Jessica:What is your favourite movie or movies?

Stephanie:The Guard and The Penguins of Madagascar are my favorites right now. My all time favorite is The Lady Eve by Preston Sturges:)

Jessica:Favourite book(s)?

Stephanie:Anything by Neil Gaiman, he is a mastermind.

Jessica:.Are there any movies, TV Shows or books coming out that you are excited about?

Stephanie:Movies- Kingsman, Everly, Cinderella, and The Avengers: Age of Ultron
TV- The Last Man on Earth, iZombie, Davedevil,  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Powers
Books- Once I get through my to-read pile, I will look into new ones. I really need a block of time to read, and that does not work with my schedule right now:

Jessica: What is your favourite thing to blog about?

Stephanie:Whatever strikes a chord with me. I can be a bit of a magpie like that, but I feel like it makes for stronger writing when it is something I am interested in emotionally as well as intellectually. I also try to keep what I am writing as honest as possible. For example, It can be difficult as a female to stem the impulse to apologize for not liking a TV show instead of giving the reasons that you feel that way and explaining your real take on it. I also feel that as a reader of blogs myself, I connect more to something honest and it makes me feel like there are other people out there like me!

Jessica: Do you have anything else you would like people to know about yourself or your blog?

I am just starting out, and hope to grow and evolve with new ideas as time goes on!

Alright everyone so that’s my featured blog/blogger of the month, make sure to keep checking back i’m hoping to have a 2nd feature this month as well. & Make sure you check out Stephanie’s blog 🙂

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