My Dream Beauty & The Beast Cast

As you saw from last week’s post Emma Watson has been cast as Belle in the upcoming live action version of Beauty & the Beast and that got me thinking who they’d choose for the other characters, which got me thinking who would I like them to get for the other characters, and then there was a post in a Disney group i’m in on facebook and I decided “yep I need to do a post on that” so here it is, my dream live action beauty and the beast cast.

Belle– This is easy, I never really thought about it in the past because it just wasn’t in my realm of thought but once it was announced that Emma Watson was cast I was on board, she is amazing and I love the idea. Click HERE if you want to see my reaction to the news.

Now on to everyone else.


This one is hard because it is a VERY important role.It was probably the hardest for me to choose an actor for actually since he’s kinda a big deal but I finally decided on… well before I tell you here are my four runner ups


& the choice I made on who I think would be a great Beast was:

Chris Hemsworth. Why you ask? he’s not too young, not too old, he has the look, he’s talented & I just am able to picture him in this role.

prince adam

Gaston. This one was also pretty hard since he was my favourite character in the show when I was a kid (Why I liked the villain the most I don’t know) but I did.


LeFou. At first I thought of Josh Gad but then I thought of Jonah Hill and that stuck, plus we know he and Tatum work well together.


Cogsworth & Lumiere–  Nathan Lane & Neil Patrick Harris (This was the easiest one for me to choose)


Maurice–This one was really hard, so hard actually I just chose my favourite actor in the right age range because there was noone who jumped out at me as PERFECT for the role (like the above two)


chip–Ty Simpkins –another choice that was easy as soon as I could remember some current child actors.


Mrs. Potts– Angela Lansbury is still alive & kicking so it’s a toss up between her and betty white


So what do you think? Did I miss any important characters? who would you cast if you had the choice?

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