XMen Battle- Storm vs. Iceman

This week’s Super Saturday Faceoff is the battle of the X-Men. Storm vs. Iceman.

Origin Story

Iceman– Bobby Drake discovered his mutant powers to create ice when he was in his teen years, besides his parents he never told anyone and tried to keep him abilities a secret. He had a hard time to keep from being cold and shivering but he ended up keeping it under control. When he and his girlfriend were attacked by a bully & his friend Bobby panicked and in an effort to protect his girlfriend encased one of the boys in ice. People of course saw and the people in the town created a mob and broke into Bobby’s house. The sheriff took him into custody in order to protect him and he also came to the attention of Professor Xavier. Professor X sent Cyclops to get Bobby. Unfortunately Bobby refused to go with him and they were both captured by the mob. They were about to be hanged when they got away and Professor X stopped the town’s people and erased their memory of Bobby’s power. Bobby was greatful and joined professor X & the X-Men.

Storm–Ororo Monroe is a descendent of a line of African priestesses all of whom had white hair. When she was 6 months old her and her parents moved to Egypt. 5 years later, during the arab-israeli conflict, a plane crashed into their home. Her parents were killed and she survived. Left orphaned and homeless she ended up meeting a gang of street urchins who taught her to pick pocket. She once picked the pocket of a tourist, named Charles Xavier. He used his abilities to stop the theft but when he was attacked by another mutant she used the opportunity to escape. Years later she left Cairo and wandered south. She was picked up by a man who attacked and almost raped her, to protect herself she killed him and then vowed to never take another human life again. As she ventured across the sahara she almost died which is when her abilities first appeared, her abilities to control the weather. When she made it to her ancestral land she was treated as a goddess because of her abilities. She teamed up with the xmen to defeat another mutant and they went back and told professor X about her. He didn’t want to approach her right away afraid of what she might thing but then a few weeks later he needed her so he approached her and explained that she was a mutant not a goddess. She accepted his offer and took the codename storm.

Winner–They are both amazing origin stories but for originality, and interesting backstory I’m going to have to go with Storm.


Iceman– he can lower his internal and external body temperature which out causing himself harm, He can freeze any moisture around him into unusually hard ice, He can change from human to ice form at will, he can also transport himself across bodies of water by merging his body with the flow of the water.

Storm– Has the ability to manipulate weather over limited areas. She can stimulate the creation of any precipitation such as rain, snow and fog, generate winds up to and including hurricane force, can raise and lower the humidity and temperature, induce lightening and other electrical phenomenon. She can direct the path of certain atmospheric effects such as lightening bolts, she has also been shown to be able to control ocean currents.

Winner–Bobby’s ability to lower his body temperature is cool, as is the ice thing but I have to give this one to storm as well, she has a lot more range in her abilities.

Group Affiliations

Iceman–Xmen, X Factor, Defenders

Storm– Xmen, Formally Fantastic Four, Hellfire Club, Morlocks

Winner– Storm Again


Iceman–College Degree

Storm–College level courses at xavier’s school


Overall: Iceman 1 : Storm 3

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