January Rewind

So here is a overview of my last month, movies I watched, Games I played, Things I bought, TV shows I watched, Shows I binge Watched, Comics/Books I read etc. I will be doing this monthly in comparison to my New This Month post.

Movies (Theatres)

**Unfortunately I didn’t get to the movie theatre this month 😦 I really wanted to see Gambler and Taken 3 but never really got the opportunity, guess I’m just gonna have to wait til DVD release.

Speaking of…

Movies (Bluray/DVD) **Including Re-Watches.

There was a list at the beginning of the month of DVD releases I was excited about… unfortunately never got around to watching those either, but here are the movies I re-watched this month.


by looking at that collage I realize the differences in my movie taste.

DRAMA: Sleepers, Seven, Love & Basketball, Bring it On


COMEDY: Fan Boys, Click

ACTION: Exit Wounds

MYSTERY: 88 Minutes

DISNEY: Aladdin and the King of Thieves & Lion KIng

Television Shows.(Excluding Rewatches)

Sleepy Hollow

Agent Carter



Criminal Minds


American Horror Story: Freak Show

Vampire Diaries




Criminal Minds 10×13 Nelson’s Sparrow (January 28th) ** I will actually be making a category for my Best of the month awards where there will be a link to a review of the episode.


Never got a chance the read the ones on my list at the beginning of the month but here is what I did read for books this month.

– Journey into Darkness by John Douglas

– Crime Beat by Michael Connelly

– Geek Girl by Holly Smale

– Pretty Little Liars #16 by Sara Sheppard

Comics/ G.N.s:Including Re-Reads


Streets of Gotham #14: House of Hush

Flash #38

Suicide Squad #6

Green Arrow #38

Green Lantern #38

The Invincible Ironman

Winter Soldier: The Longest Winter

Civil War

Other stuff about this month:

Didn’t really buy much merchandise this month. I binge watched One Tree Hill AGAIN, American Horror Story (S1-3), Buffy (AGAIN) & Veronica Mars (AGAIN) I also watched Mike Tyson Mysteries on Netflix (Which were HILARIOUS). I didn’t play any new video games, played a lot of card and board games.  

Within a two week period I found a job posting in a different town (45 minutes from where I was living) also happens to be where all my family is (not my home town but my parents’ home town where they moved back to last year) applied for the job, had an interview, got the job, found an apartment, moved & started work.It was a VERY busy couple weeks. My cat also had some babies this month and my other kitty got fixed so that we don’t end up with more cats (got enough now as it is). My area has had really cold weather, warming up only it seems for snow storms (we’ve had three this week), I had to go to my home town last week as a grief counsellor which was rough and draining, especially sie nce I used to know the boy who died (was friends with his sister), I also have been traveling back and forth (45 minutes) to where I used to live twice a week to go to school, but it’s worth it since I am almost FINISHED ! I had a baby shower that I attended where I went a little onsie crazy…but this little boy will be one stylish baby if you ask me.


I also found out this month that my sister in law & her husband as well as my sister, brother-in-law and 3 nieces are all going to be moving here too which is AWESOME!

So that was my January, It had it’s ups, it’s downs, it’s stress & it’s fun, as well as it’s snow… How was your month?

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