5 Fandom Accessories I own

#TGI5FF. This week’s #Fandom5 prompt is on 5 Fandom Accessories I own, I was too lazy to take pics so I just googled stuff I owned and got google images instead or found pics I already had of them. Hope you enjoy.

1. My Graphic Tees– I have a whole drawer full of graphic tees some disney, some marvel, some DC, some for other fandoms I love them!


2. My Glass Slippers. Got these for my wedding, love them, not comfy and actually not really glass but they look it & they are so damn cute. 

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2015-01-31 00-13-47

3. Mickey Mouse Notebooks

screenshot-www.google.ca 2015-01-31 00-16-43

4. Fandom Jewellery. I started making and selling jewellery a few years ago here are some fandom pieces I made for myself & love.


5. Watches.


What fandom accessories do you have ?

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