20 Facts about Veronica Mars you may not know

Are you a Veronica Mars fan? or as we call ourselves,  a Marshmellow? If you are you are bound to enjoy this “Did you know” it is 20 facts about Veronica Mars some that are well known & some that are not .

1. The second choice to play Veronica was Alona Tal, who you may know better as Meg Manning.

2. Jason Dohring originally auditioned for Duncan and Teddy Dunn auditioned for Logan–I like it better the way it turned out.

3. Ever notice that Duncan and Logan wore specific colours? Well they did, throughout the show Logan wore earth tones and duncan wore mostly blue so that viewers wouldn’t mix them up.

screenshot-www.mtv.com 2015-01-27 18-59-35

4. Paul Rudd was considered for the role of Vinnie Van Lowe.


he did however, end up playing a small guest role in 3×17

screenshot-www.mtv.com 2015-01-27 19-03-10

5. 100 Women auditioned for the role of Veronica Mars including Lilly Kane herself Amanda Seyfried, but Kristen Bell was the one that Rob Thomas chose for the part… good job Rob.

6.  The character of Dick was only supposed to be on for a few episodes, but he was such a hit that Ryan Hansen became a series regular.

7. Duncan and Veronica were originally going to be siblings but when UPN picked it up instead of a cable network the script got changed.

8. Logan and Veronica weren’t intended to be together at first but the writers decided after watching a few episodes they wanted them together. Originally he was cast as the “Obligatory Psychotic Jackass” that is all.

9. No one on the cast knew who killed Lily while they were filming season one & Harry Hamlin (Aaron Echolls) almost took another job that interfered with the filming of the finale, luckily he didn’t take it.

10.The original plans for the show were a lot more graphic, including lilly’s muder and the morning after veronica’s rape.

11. Veronica and Keith were the only two characters to be in every episode.

12. Season 1 of Veronica Mars was the lowest-rated show in network history to get renewed for a second season.

13. Rob Thomas would like to do a R-Rated version of Veronica Mars in order to show the darker side of Neptune as well as Veronica’s character. I would be ok with that.

14. James Jordan played two different characters; Lucky in season 2 and Tim Foyle in season 3

screenshot-www.pajiba.com 2015-01-27 19-30-06 (1)

15. Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith who are both VM fans both had cameos in the show.


16. Two of the guest stars played Jimmy Olsen in Superman adaptations. Sam Huntington (Luke) played Olsen in Superman Returns & Aaron Ashmore (Troy) played Olsen in Smallville.

jimmy olsen

17. The creators admit that Buffy was a major influence on the show and actually cast several Buffy actors. Charisma Carpenter was a series regular as Kendal Casablancas while Alyson Hannigan was also a series regular as Trina Echolls and as mentioned above even the show’s creator Joss Whedon guest stared.

screenshot-www.pinterest.com 2015-01-27 19-53-23

18.Veronica Mars was the only drama to survive the move from UPN to the CW.

19. Carrie Bishop was the only character recast between the show & the movie because Leighton Meester was not available.

carrie bishop

20. Kristen Bell voices Gossip Girl where Leighton Meester plays Blair Waldorf

** So what did you think? did you know all these facts or were some surprising?

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