Top 10 Veronica Mars Characters

Here is my last top ten tuesday of the month, and on to a new topic next month. So to finish up my top ten characters here are my favourite from veronica mars.

10. Lily Kane 2015-01-27 11-09-22

12 episodes

murder victim/friend of veronica/girlfriend of logan/sister of duncan

Portrayed by Amanda Seyfried

I’ve got a secret, It’s a big one”

9. Leo D’Amato 2015-01-27 10-51-43

11 Episodes + Film

Deputy + Police Detective (Film)

Portrayed by Max Greenfield

“what is it with bad boys”

8. Cliff McCormack 2015-01-27 10-46-53

17 Episodes + Film +Books

Public Defender

Portrayed by Daran Norris

Veronica, oh how you’ve grown, seems like only yesterday you could be tried as a minor”

7. Dick Casablancas 2015-01-27 11-12-10

39 Episodes + Film + Book + Spin-off

Student/Logan’s Friend

Portrayed by Ryan Hansen

“Is anyone surprised that I am the only one in this room who does not have a sex tape?”

6. Keith Mars 2015-01-27 11-24-14

64 episodes + movie + book

Former Sheriff/private investigator

Portrayed by Enrico Colantoni

77. Trans Am, Blue Oyster Cult in the 8-track, a foxy stacked blond riding shotgun, racing for pink slips. Now wait a minute, I’m thinking of a Springsteen song. Scratch everything, I was never cool”

5. Cindy (Mac) MacKenzie 2015-01-27 11-27-29

24 Episodes + Movie + Books

Student/Tech Expert/Kane Software Employee/Mars Investigations Employee

Portrayed by Tina Majorino

“Don’t distract me I’m plotting how to kill you and make it look like an accident”

4. Wallace Fennel 2015-01-27 11-33-07

53 Episodes + Movie + Book

Student/Basketball coach

Portrayed by Percy Daggs II

When Logan said ‘jump’, did you actually say ‘how high’ or was there just an understanding that you would achieve max verticality?

3.  Eli (Weevil) Nevaro 2015-01-27 11-48-58

39 Episodes + Movie+Book

Student/Biker-gang leader/Janitor/Auto shop owner

Portrayed by Francis Capra

I’m the one who’s gotta go up into the hills all by myself. What if I run into a pack of your white boys, huh, on some clean, well lit street? I could be bored to death.”

2. Veronica Mars

64 episodes + film + books

Student/Private Investigator

Portrayed by Kristen Bell

“Let’s not forget Logan Echolls. His dad makes twenty million a picture. You probably own his action figure. Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass. He’s ours.”

1. Logan Echolls

60 episodes + movie+ books

student/son of movie star/ navy pilot

portrayed by Jason Dohring

” I thought our story was epic you know. Spanning years & continents, lives ruined, blood shed, epic.”

Honourable Mentions

1. Parker Lee

2. Duncan Kane

3. Cassidy  Casablancas

4. Aaron Echolls

5. Kendal Casablancas

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