Emma Watson Cast as Belle in Beauty & The Beast

Okay so I know it is Monday, but this week I didn’t do a Disney post on Sunday and when I saw the news about Emma Watson being cast as Belle I thought: “Hey that’s a perfect Disney post” so here it is, my thoughts on the latest Disney casting news.

I’d like to start by expressing my excitement that they are finally doing a live action beauty & the beast, it is my FAVOURITE Disney princess movie and my opinions of live version Disney films of the past differ, largely based on the actress chosen for the princess. I loved Mirror Mirror, I loved Meleficent, I HATED snow white and the huntsman, I really wish I could have liked it but (Personal Opinion Here) Kristen Stewart was a horrible choice as snow white. I am optimistic about Cinderella. As far as the Beauty & The Beast I think I am going to be the hardest on it since I loved the Disney version SO much. I do think however that they did a great choice casting, I am a bit concerned about who they will chose for Prince Adam/Beast and the director choice worries me a bit as well, but I’ve noticed a lot that as long as there is a good actress in the lead the movie turns out alright. So here are my top 5  reasons for thinking Emma Watson will be an awesome Belle.

5. She has the look

screenshot-www.etonline.com 2015-01-27 10-09-11

4. She can dance, which is VERY important for the “Tale as old as time” scene

3.She is a strong female role model, as is Belle.

screenshot-www.hercampus.com 2015-01-27 10-15-14

2. If you overlook some differences we have a brunette, smart, book loving heroine, she’s done that before and did a really good job at in.


1. She is a fan. Who better to play the iconic disney princess than someone who grew up with the first film and loves Belle. 

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2015-01-27 10-17-46

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