Green Lantern vs Starlord

This weeks super saturday faceoff is between two intergalactic heroes, one marvel one DC, Green Lantern & Starlord.

Origin Story:

Peter Quill (Starlord) was born Colorado USA to Meredith Quill. His father was Jason of Spartoi who met Meredith when his ship crash landed in Colorado. He left earth to protect her promising to return he however mindlocked her memories so she wouldn’t feel the heartache. She then married her childhood sweetheart Jake. When Peter was born Jake tried to kill him, suspecting he was not his son due to the lack of resemblance to both his mother and himself. Luckily for Peter, Jake suffered a fatal heart attack.After the war on his planet ended Jason asked his uncle to have Meredith and Peter brought to him but his uncle instead hired a crimelord to kill them both. At the age of 11, Peter witnessed the assassination of his mother as well as the landing of the ship.Jason was told his family had died but they did not kill Peter having just left after the one assassination. Peter grew up, swearing vengence and eventually went to work for NASA, he eventually made it into space and after a bunch of stuff it would take too long to write he became starlord.

Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) was born in Coast City to Martin & Jessica Jordan. He was the middle of three children. He grew up idolizing his father  who was a test pilot and at a young age saw his greatest fear when his father died  right before his eyes in a plane crash. He followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the US Air Force on his 18th birthday. Years later a dying alien who was a member of the green lantern corp crashed in California, his ring choosing Hal Jordan as his replacement due to his ability to face fear head on. He then inherited the mantle of green lantern, an intergalactic police officer in charge of serving and protecting sector 2814.

Winner–Witness death of a parent, Check; Intergalactic badass, Check. Now where they differ, Peter joined NASA which is awesome, Hal joined the Air Force which is also awesome, Hal was chosen as green lantern, Peter became Starlord while seeking revenge. Really both their stories are awesome, therefore TIE.


Starlord–Guardians of the Galaxy

Green Lantern–Green Lantern Corps, Justice League of America

Winner–As awesome as GOTG are gotta give this one to Hal, not because I prefer GLC to GOTG but because he’s also a member of the Justice League.


Starlord: Human/Spartoi hybrid

Green Lantern: Human with special abilities due to ring

Winner: the human-alien hybrid thing is cool so this one goes to Starlord.


Starlord: A costume that allows him to survive in space

Green Lantern: a green body suit and mask

Winner: Starlords is more original, Green lantern’s looks like every other DC character’s costume.


Starlord:Can fly through air or in space, Enhanced healing and personal energy shields, highly athletic, skilled marksman,proficient in hand-to-hand combat, and vowed not to take another life unless absolutely necessary so he has a value for life.

Green Lantern:hard light constructs, instant weaponry, force fields, flight, durability, alien technology

Winner: They are both cool but Green Lantern’s are more original so I have to give it to him.


Round 1: Tie, Round 2: GL, Round 3: SL, Round 4: SL, Round 5: GL




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