5 Songs for Every Mood

So this week’s 5FF was 5 songs that changed your life, there are so many I couldn’t narrow it down so instead I decided to come up with 5 moods and 5 songs that are my go-to songs for that mood.

Sad (& need a good cry)

5. Ghetto Gospel–2Pac (don’t know why it makes me sad but it does)

4.I’ll be missing you–Puff Daddy & Faith Evans (Reminds me of a lot of people :()

3. He lives in you –Lion King 2 (same reason as #1)

2. Out of thin air–Aladdin (I don’t know why this song makes me sad but I think it’s because my husband’s father left when he was little and it’s vicarious pain)

1. Over you –Cassadee Pope (has more of an effect on me than miranda’s version, also it makes me think of my brother, I only listen to it when I need a cry)

In Love (Songs that remind me of my husband or our wedding/relationship ect.)

5.I want Crazy–Hunter Hayes (such a cute song)

4. Love like Crazy–Lee Brice (we have been together since I was 15, he was 16 so I like the part where he’s saying people thought they were crazy because we are one of the cases of teenage love that lasts:))

3. Tale as old as time–Celine Dion (my bridal entrance song from my wedding)

2. Always–Bon Jovi (I know technically it’s a break up song but we love it & are actually getting part of the chorus engraved in our wedding bands)

1. All of me-John Legend (this was my first dance song at my wedding)

Romantic (love songs I like)

5. Can you feel the love tonight–Elton John

4. Forever & Ever Amen –Randy Travis

3. Cop Car–Keith Urban

2.Rewind–Rascal Flatts

1. Far Away–Nickelback (fun story behind this one it involves a former good friend and a guitar )

Nestalgic (songs that remind me of my childhood)

5. Barbie Girl–Aqua (probably listen to this song like a zillion times)

4. Sometimes by Britney Spears ( like most of the songs in this category, anything by here. Loved Britney, still kinda do)

3. Aaron’s Party–Aaron Carter (LOVED HIM! from the time he was the little guy singing about crushes, major part of my childhood)

2. As long as you love me–Backstreet boys (really anything by backstreet boys–god I loved Brian)

1. Stop–Spice Girls (The benefit of growing up in the 90s–crap ton to pop groups to be obsessed with (: FYI I still remember this dance)

Angry ( it’s always fun to have angry songs)

5. Not Ready to Make Nice–Dixie Chicks

4. I hate everything about you–Three Days Grace

3. This is war–30 Seconds to Mars

2. Break Stuff-Limp Bizkit

1. Drop the World –Eminem & Lil’ Wayne

BONUS: Nestalgia pt 2 (teenage years)

5.When I’m gone –Eminem

4. Promiscuous –Nelly Furtado & Timberland

3. Hot in Herre–Nelly

2. Come So Far–Hairspray Cast (This was my grad class song (:)

1. Photograph –Nickelback (it’s like my teenage anthem)

4 thoughts on “5 Songs for Every Mood”

  1. O.M.G. you are my musical sister at heart. What an eclectic mix of songs and I love ’em. And, yes! Three Days Grace – I can’t tell you how much I like that song – and Elton John, Randy Travis, Spice Girls…..Love this!!!!


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