Convention wishlist

So because I was internet-less last week I’m catching up again, last week’s five fandom friday was “5 conventions you have attended or want to attend” since I haven’t been to any (insert crying face) mine is a convention wish list. It could be so much bigger than 5 so I divided it into 2 categories with 5 each.

General Convention

1. 2015-01-23 01-05-17SDCC–San Diago.Of course this is my first pick, I would give my right leg to go to SDCC, hoping to go next summer (fingers crossed for tickets)

2. 2015-01-23 15-26-51 GeekyCon. Orlando

3. 2015-01-23 01-10-51All-Con–Dallas,

4. 2015-01-23 01-14-48F.A.C.T.S (Fantasy Anime Comics Toys Space. Belgium 2015-01-23 01-18-27Hal-Con, Halifax — Definitely the most likely because it’s like 4-5 hours from me

Themed Conventions

1. 2015-01-23 15-21-29Salute to Supernatural. Toronto. 2015-01-23 15-22-57 The Vampire Diaries Official Convention. Orlando 2015-01-23 15-25-59Celebration Anaheim. 2015-01-23 15-33-18Geek Girl Con. Seattle. Um it’s a convention dedicated to geeky girls, definitely a must see. 2015-01-23 15-35-19 D23, Anaheim Disney is my life. ’nuff said

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