45 Favourite Disney Songs (For 45 Followers)

I have a lot of Disney posts this week and figured what better to do for my celebrating followers post than my favourite Disney Songs.

45.You can fly| Peter Pan

44.I’ve got no strings|pinocchio

43.If I never knew you| Pocahontas

42.A dream is a wish|Cinderella

41.We are one|Lion king 2

40.Father & Son| Aladdin and the king of thieves

39.As long as there’s christmas|Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Christmas

38.A girl worth fighting for|Mulan

37.Circle of life|Lion King

36.You’ll be in my heart| Tarzan

35.When you wish upon a star|pinocchio

34.I’ll make a man out of you| Mulan

33.The bare necessities| Jungle Book

32.Do you wanna build a snow man|Frozen

31.I see the light|Tangled

30.I won’t say (i’m in love)|Hercules

29.Colors of the wind|pocahontas


27.Just around the river bend|pocahontas

26.Poor Unfortunate Souls|Little Mermaid

25.Friend like me|Aladdin

24.I wan’na be like you|Jungle book

23.Be Prepared|Lion King

22.There’s a party here in agrabah|Aladdin and the king of thieves

21.One Jump Ahead|Aladdin

20.Cruela Di Vil | 101 dalmatians

19.Let it go| Frozen

18.Price Ali|Aladdinhakuna matata| Lion King

17.One of Us|Lion King 2

16.Can you feel the love tonight|the lion king

15.He lives in you|Lion King 2

14.Gaston|Beauty & The Beast

13.Under the sea|The Little Mermaid

12.Be our guest|Beauty & The Beast

11.One Jump Ahead Reprise|Aladdin

10.I just can’t wait to be king|Lion King

9.Are you in or out|Aladdin and the king of thieves


7.Reflection| Mulan

6.Belle|Beauty & The Beast

5.Out of thin air | Aladdin and the king of thieves

4.Belle Reprise|Beauty & the Beast

3.Part of your world|Little Mermaid

2.A whole new world|Aladdin

1.Tale as old as time|Beauty & The Beast

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