Top 10 TVD Characters

I’ve been away for a few weeks busy moving & then had no internet for a few days so this week i’m doubling up on my top tens to make up for the ones I missed, first up we have my top ten characters from the vampire diaries (past & present).

10. Stefan Salvatore

Portrayed by Paul Wesley

# of episodes:121

first appearance: Pilot

Why I love him: 1) He tries to keep EVERYONE safe 2) He is selfless and values other’s choices 3) He helps others 4) He is a good friend (most of the time) 5) He is forgiving and supportive

9. Katherine Pierce

Portrayed by Nina Dobrev

# of Episodes: 50

First appearance: Lost girls (1×6)

Why I love her: 1) She is a survivor 2) She was misunderstood 3) She looked out for herself 4) She was feisty 5) She was still capable of love regardless of what she had done.

8. Elena Gilbert

Portrayed by Nina Dobrev

# of episodes: 121

First appearance: Pilot

Why I love her: 1)She is loyal 2) She keeps getting back up even though she goes through so much pain 3) She is determined to help others 4) She is a good friend 5)She feels so deeply 

7.Klaus Mikaelson

Portrayed by Joseph Morgan

# of episodes:45 (TVD) +32 (TO)

First appearance: Know thy enemy (2×17)

why I love him: 1) He’s a romantic 2)He has done bad but he has also done good (saving damon & Caroline on multiple occassions) 3) He’s a victim of his circumstance (with an upbringing like that i’d be a psycho too 4) He has the ability to be kind 5) He can put others before himself (He let Tyler return to town for Caroline instead of focusing on revenge.

6. Bonnie Bennett

Portrayed by Kat Graham

# of Episodes: 95

First Appearance: Pilot

Why I love her: 1) She is selfless 2) She is independent 3)She is loyal 4) She would do anything for her friends 5)She has sacrificed herself again and again for others

5. Enzo

Portrayed by: Michael Malarkey     

# of episodes: 19

First appearance: The Cell (5×9)

Why I love him: I know this is a weird choice for #5 but I just love Enzo. 1) He’s hilarious 2) He’s loyal to Damon 3) He’s one of the only two who didn’t completely give up on getting Damon back 4) He has a great accent 5)He is a romantic at heart

4. Caroline Forbes: You can also see my post on caroline by clicking here

Portrayed by Candice Accola

# of episodes: 102

First appearance: pilot

Why I love her: 1) She has been through a lot and had to deal with most of it alone, 2) She has amazing self control as a vampire 3) She tries so hard to be the glue that keeps everyone together 4)She is loyal to a fault 5)She sees the best in people (most of the time)

3. Alaric Saltsman

Portrayed by: Matt Davis

# of Episodes: 61

First Appearance: History Repeating (1×9)

Reason why I love him: 1) He is badass 2) He is a great guardian to Elena & Jeremy 3) He is a good friend to Damon even when he doesn’t deserve it 4) He has been through so much yet still is able to love 5)He was a vampire hunter but he was still able to distinguish between the good and bad ones.

2. Elijah Mikaelson

Portrayed by: Daniel Gillies

# of Episodes: 23 (TVD) + 32(TO)

First Appearance:Rose (2×08)

Why I love him: 1) He has an unwavering sense of loyalty 2) He always keeps his word 3) He doesn’t give up on his family 4) He does that cool heart thing 5)He’s the honourable one.

1. Damon Salvatore

Portrayed by Ian Somerhalder

# of Episodes: 121

First Appearance: Pilot

Why I love him: There will be a top ten of this but here are 5 I can think of off the top of my head:

1) Damon continuously saves everyone without really getting any credit 2) He continuously gives up his own happiness with Elena because he thinks it’s the right thing 3) He died twice once trying to save Katherine & once trying to save his brother  4)He is okay with people thinking the worst of him as long as he achieves what is necessary 5)He doesn’t turn his back on the people of mystique falls although at times they might deserve it.

Honorable mentions

1 Matt Donovan

2 Jeremy Gilbert

3 Liz Forbes

4 Rose

5 Tyler Lockwood

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