5 Favourite winter activities

It’s that time of week again, five fandom Friday, this week’s topic is a great one, 5 favourite winter activities.

1. Kitty Cuddles


I say it is one of my favourite winter activities, truthfully it’s one of my favourite anyday activities. Love my kitty cuddles.

2. Skating

I love to skate, I used to play Ringette for a few years when I was a kid, before that and during the same time I would go skating every week for free skate, pretty sure I could skate not long after I learned to walk, plus it’s an awesome workout. I stopped going for a few years & then picked it up again a couple years ago so for Christmas that year my mom & dad got me new skates and a skate bag. Awesome Christmas present.

3. Snow Days

I like school I really do but after 20 years it’s nice to have days off.

4. Blankets

It doesn’t matter the time of year I love to cozy up in a nice warm blanket…at least in winter no one laughs at me.

5. Hot Chocolate and a good book

Theres nothing better in my eyes than curling up in a blanky with my kitty and fuzzy PJs after a long day with a book and some hot chocolate 🙂

–What’s your favourite winter activities?

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