How I Planned my Disney Inspired Wedding.

So I got married last August and the whole wedding had a Disney theme, more specifically, Disney love story theme. This is how I planned it out for anyone who wants to do something similar. 2015-01-08 00-13-12

1. The first thing I did was hit up Pinterest. I have since deleted the like 100 boards I had going on but there is so much on there for planning a fairytale wedding.

BRIDAL PARTY ATTIRE 2015-01-07 22-49-56

2. Secondly I chose my bridal party–I had a very large wedding party consisting of my husband and I, my maid of honour, 4 bridesmaids, 6 jr. bridesmaids, his best man and 4 groomsmen and 4 ushers.

3. Once I had my bridal party selected I chose 11 disney princesses [one for each girl] (according to disney’s definition not mine as I do not consider pocahontas or mulan to be princesses but Disney does) the princesses I chose were:




Snow White



Anna (the girl who was going to do Anna decided to do Elsa instead)  Elsa





3. After I chose my princesses I got the girls to chose which one they prefered, if it was taken they chose another until they all had their own.

4. I then tried to decide how I was going to work the attire. I decided, since i’ve been in so many weddings & hate how everyone has the same dress that each girl would have her own dress in it’s own style that is flattering for her. I then decided on colours schemes for each girl

Repunzel: Purple Dress, Pink Shoes

Snow White: Red Dress, Blue Shoes,

Belle: Yellow Dress, Red Shoes,

Cinderella: Blue Dress, Silver Shoes

Ariel: Turquois Dress, Purple Shoes

Pocahontas: Orange Dress, Brown Shoes

Tiana: Green Dress, Green Shoes (we ended up not being able to find this girl a green dress so she went with pink)

Aurora: Pink Dress, Silver Shoes

Mulan: Flower Dress, Fushia Shoes

Elsa: Blue Dress, Silver Shoes

Jasmine: Teal Dress, Gold Shoes

The next part for the girls was hair and make up


for this each girl had a specific colour palette as well as hair style.some also had hair accessories.

Repunzel: Long Braid with pink flower clips/ Purple and pink colour palette

Belle: Half Bun with Red Rose Elastic and curls./ Red and yellow colour palette

Snow White: Back Twist with Blue Bow/ Yellow, Blue & Red Colour Palette

Cinderella: Bun/ Blue & Silver colour Palette

Tiana: Bun

Pocahontas: Side Braids/ Neutral Colour Palette

Elsa; Long Curls (were going to do the braid but noone knew how to do it and I didn’t get a hair dresser)/blue & fushia colour palette

Aurora: Ringlettes/ pink and white colour palette

Mulan: Bun with decorative chop sticks/dark colour palette

Jasmine: Three elastic ponytale with flower clips

Ariel: Curls with seashell clip/ purple and turquois colour palette

My Attire.

When deciding what I was going to wear it was a bit more difficult. Financially I wasn’t able to get the dress I had wanted (white version of belle’s dress from Beauty & The Beast) as it was $1400 but my aunt had a very princess like dress she lent me that worked fine. For my hair I went with a repunzel inspiration, long curls with a braid across the front, cinderella inspired clear shoes and a tiara. Even my garter was fairytale. It said “& the lived happily ever after” on it and had a dangling shoe. I went really light on the makeup.


For the Ceremony Music we also went Disney, we hired a pianist who played instrumental versions of the following songs:

For the Prelude (while people were being seated)

1. A Dream is a wish your heart makes-Cinderella

2. Love will find a way–Lion King 2

3. Part of your world–Little Mermaid

4.Someday my Prince will come–Snow White.[this is when the boys walked to the front]

Processional (when everyone else was entering -Bridal Party/Parents)

5.Can you feel the love tonight–Lion King

Bridal Entrance (my song :))

6. Tale as old as time -Beauty & the Beast

Lighting of memory candle

7. He lives in you–Lionking2

Interlude (when we signed everything)

8. A whole new world–Aladdin

The Kiss (when we were pronounced husband and wife)

9. Kiss the girl (Little Mermaid)

Recessional (when the bridal party left)

10. Now I see the light – Tangled

Postlude (when everyone else left)

11. Love is an open door –Frozen

**We also had the DJ at our reception play “be our guest” when the buffet begun.

Guestbook/ Favours

For favours we did little cinderella shoes (found at dollarstore) filled with Jelly beans

Our guest book was custom made as well to fit the theme.It opened like a book & on the first page it said “Once upon a time” and on the last page it said “& they lived happily ever after” and all the pages in better had symbols on them from different fairy tale movies like rose, dragon,spining wheel, apple and so on. All in colours relating to each movie.


We decided to go with wedding cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. I had 240 cupcakes in 5 different flavors with all the colours from the wedding party, the top tier was a regular cake, it was a small white cake with the different colours in dots around the bottom. I also had a princess & the frog wedding topper that I got at bulk barn for like $20.

We also did a xbox cake for my husband so that there could be some part of the wedding that represented him. 2015-01-07 22-58-59

I made my own bouquets, favours, I got the save the dates made by the same person who made my guestbook, I made my own invites, overall the wedding costed about $4000 including the food which was about $2000. So there you have it my step by step how to have an affordable fairytale wedding. 2015-01-08 00-21-57

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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