Spike vs Angel

I’m in a group on facebook, it’s actually a BTVS fan group. In the group, a debate that is quite frequently brought up is: Spike vs. Angel. There are passionate points on both sides and I thought this week i’d do Spike vs. Angel for my Super Saturday Faceoff. I personally prefer Spike but like every other Super Saturday Faceoff I will do my best to be impartial.

Round 1: Better Human

For this round “better human” it is simply that, who was a better person when he was a human.


screenshot-vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net 2015-01-05 16-49-41Angel: “I was a man once.

The First: “And what a man you were. A drunk, whoring layabout and a terrible disappointment to your parents.

Born Liam in 1727 in Galaway, Ireland. After a relationship with an aristocrat named Sarah he began to show distaste for noble women. He had a strained relationship with his parents and by his twenties his only ambition was to see the world. At the age of 26, after a night of drunkeness he tried and failed to seduce his family’s maid. He & his father got into a heated argument and he stormed out. He, of course, ended up at a bar where he met the vampire Darla who he followed into an alley, she promised to show him the world & turned him into a vampire.


screenshot-www.google.ca 2015-01-05 16-49-52They call him “William the Bloody” because of his bloody awful poetry.―unidentified woman (1880)

Born William in between 1850 & 1853 in London England. He moved in elite circles but had very little in common with his peers. He showed a great capacity for loyalty and was a romantic, highly devoted to the prospect of love. He was rejected by the aristocrat Cicily Addams he was upset and ran into Angel, Darla and Drusilla who were terrorizing London. Drusilla followed him into an alley where she found him crying. After a brief talk she turned him into a vampire.

Winner: As far as personal traits as a human Spike wins .

Round 2: Worst Vampire

For this round “worst vampire” means who did the worst while a “souless” vampire.

Angel. (Angelus)

screenshot-buffy.wikia.com 2015-01-05 17-05-15

Immediately after rising from the dead Angel took to slaughtering his entire village starting with this parents and his sister. He took the name Angelus which is presumed to be because his sister believed he was an angel when she invited him into the house before he killed her. In 1764 he and Darla killed vampire hunter Daniel Holtz’s wife and infant son and turned his daughter so he would have to kill her. He killed a man the night before his wedding in 1838, in 1860 he met a girl named Drusilla who had been cursed with the “sight”, her and her sisters were were also all noted to be virgins. Angel dressed as a priest and slaughtered her family in front of her, she then ran away to join a convent and the day she was to take her holy orders he massacred the convent. He and Darla had sex on top of her body which pushed her to insanity, he then turned her. He later (1898) raped and murdered the favourite daughter of a tribe of gypsies.In 1997/98 (don’t remember which year season 2 was) he stalked Buffy, killed Jenny Carpenter and left her body for Giles to find, kidnapped and tortured Giles & killed Willow’s fish.There is much more but that is just some recap.


screenshot-buffy.wikia.com 2015-01-05 17-18-51

I’m not talking about the cellar. The people in the cellar got off easy. I’m talking about me. Buffy, you have never met the real me.―Spike to Buffy.

After turning into a vampire “William” stayed devoted to his mother. After she grew ill he turned her so that she wouldn’t have to die. Being a vampire, however, changed her, making her cruel and ruthless towards him. He staked her because he couldn’t bare to see her that way. He was devoted and loyal to Drusilla and although he originally idolized Angel when they met he began to have issues with him when he insulted Drusilla. To keep Drusilla’s attention after seeing her have sex with Angel Spike rebelled. Spike brutalized for the sole purpose of committing evil. He became obsessed with slayers killing one in Beijing in 1900 and another in New York in 1977. He and Dru slaughtered an orphanage as well as two members of the watcher’s council. When he arrived in Sunny Dale he killed the anointed one, he hired the Order of Tarakah to kill Buffy but cancelled it when she defeated three of the assassins. Spike helped Buffy to defeat Angelus when he was trying to take over the world, with a deal that she would let him and Dru leave town. When he returned he was captured by “the camandos” who inserted a chip in his brain making it impossible for him to harm a human. He then went on to help the Scoobies for money. It was when he had the chip that he fell in love with Buffy the two of them having a sort of mutually abusive relationship which he took too far when he ALMOST raped her. Realizing what he did he left town.

Winner: so we have: slaughter of his family, killing of an infant, killing of nuns, driving Dru crazy, rape, torture and stalking vs. killing of 2 slayers, 2 members of the watcher’s council, slaughter of orphans and attempted rape. I think this one would have to go to Angel.

Round 3: Gaining of the Soul

For this round I will compare how they got their souls.


Following the rape and murder of the gypsy girl in 1898 Angelus was cursed with a soul as a form of punishment for all of his misdeeds, until he has a moment of true happiness he would be forced to live with what he had done.


After he attempted to rape Buffy Spike realized what he needed to do to ensure he would no longer be a risk to her. He went half way around the world and went through trials and torture in order to obtain it.

Winner: Angel got his soul it was for punishment Spike’s was for love Have to give it to spike.

Round 4: Nickname Origin


Got the name angel for two reasons 1) his sister thought he was an angel 2) he was said to be the vampire with the face of an angel.

Spike/William the Bloody: 

Both were from his human days 1) Spike: was once told that a guy would rather have rail road spikes through his head than listen to William’s poetry, he later went on to kill that way. 2) William the bloody: was called that because of his “bloody awful poetry” went on to commit bloody murders.

Winner: Spike–the railroad spikes thing wins it for me. 

Round 5: Death for the Greater good

They were both Heroes in their own right but for this round I’ll just be looking at the time they died to prevent apocolypse.


screenshot-www.google.ca 2015-01-05 17-55-32

While he had no soul Angel tried to end the world. Willow was able to put his soul back but it was too late. By the time he was himself again the only way to stop the apocalypse was to kill him. So Buffy killed him, told him she loved him and put a sword through his heart.


screenshot-img4.wikia.nocookie.net 2015-01-05 18-05-01

In the final episode of the season Buffy, The potentials & Spike enter the hell mouth. Spike is wearing the amulet given to Buffy by Angel. Light starts to come from the amulet. Buffy tries to convince him to go with her but he refuses, saying he has to clean it up. He then burns up and Sunnydale is destroyed burying the hell mouth.

Winner: Toss Up. Spikes was more selfless as he knew what was happening whereas as Angel was killed and didn’t necessarily sacrifice himself but Angels was more heart wrenching (although they were both really sad.)

Spike: 3


Spike wins!

**I could have done a who was better for Buffy or who loved Buffy more round but I think that would just cause too much debate.

Here are some of the responses on Facebook to who people liked more:

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2015-01-03 05-58-03

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